Haining Hiraoka Huifeng Membrane Co.,Ltd
Hiraoka Huifeng Architectural Membrane Application
CITIC Guoan First City Gymnasium
China Stone Park Ice Hockey Building
CCTV New Site Swimming Pool
Yanji Air Dome Building
Wanxinda Coking Coal
Taiyuan Skyline Air Dome Building
Shanxi Linfen Coal Shed
Jincheng Stadium, Shanxi
Shandong Zhaoyuan Sports Center
Inner Mongolia Medical University Football Stadium
Jinan Olympic Badminton Hall
Hebei Yan Steel Air Dome Building
Beijing Fushi Road Ice Hockey Stadium
Anhui Mount Jiuhua Air Dome Building
*    Haining Hiraoka Huifeng Membrane Co.,Ltd is located in the scenic spot known to the world – Haining. It is a joint venture of Japan Hiraoka and Huifeng. It  is specialized in provision of environmental protection, energy saving membrane structure materials.
*    Hundred years Japan Hiraoka is the world's first and most famous architectural membrane manufacturing enterprises, a world leader in high-end Membrane material. With virtue of its excellent polymer processing technology, Hiraoka continuously creates value fields of new membrane material. Hiraoka is entitled “Technology Hiraoka”, cooperation between Hiraoka and Huifeng will promote the innovation & development of Chinese membrane structure market and improve the multifunction and high added value of membrane structure materials. Hiraoka Huifeng strives for perfection in technological innovation, quality assurance, environmental protection, energy saving, rapid feedback and other aspects to make China's membrane structure material production technology reached world-class level.
*    Hiraoka Huifeng is willing to work with partners to create the bright future.
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