PTFE Architectural Membrane

·    Huifeng PTFE Architectural Membrane is a kind of composite material made of extremely fine fiberglass(3μm) base fabric, and the base fabric is coated by PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) resin. PTFE Architectural Membrane is the mainstream material for membrane structure buildings in the world.  

1. PTFE Architectural Membrane has high strength, good durability, fire retardant, self-cleaning, and anti-UV characters. It has a light deadweight, about 1/30 to the previous steel ceiling weight. It can shorten the construction period, when cutting and welding the materials in the factory in advance and install them on the spot.

2. PTFE Architectural Membrane has high reflectivity and low absorptivity to sunlight. It can inhibit solar energy to permeate into building structure by minimum heat capacity. At the same time, because of its semi transparent features, artificial lighting is not necessary in the day and it can save the energy cost substantially.    

3. Generally, PTFE Architectural Membrane Structure building can cover a vast space without internal support materials. It can help to use and design the space freely.    

4. The transmittance of PTFE Architectural Membrane is about 13%. The sunlight can be transformed into less shade and moist diffused light, and get the original hue of the same object outside.

5. PTFE has high self-cleaning performance that PVDF can not reach. Fluorine resin has non adhesion, waterproof and other functions. Dust and dirt on the surface can be washed after rain and it help to keep the material clean and white for a long time.

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